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To apply On-Line to Transcontinental Northern California Please provide us the following contact information and answer Questions 1 through 8. A Transcontinental Printing Fremont HR representative will contact you regarding the next step in our hiring process.

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1. Are you able and interested in working 11.5 hour shifts that starts at either 2.30 am or 2.30 pm? : *
Our plant works rotating 12 hour 4 day work weeks. As our plant prints 7 days a week, weekend work as well as morning and afternoon shifts are a part of our rotation schedules.

2. If you responded "No" to the prior question, what times are you available to work?. *
Please enter "N/A" if your answer was "Yes".

3. Are you interested in participating in team training programs to move into a new role every one to two years? *
The workplace culture involves a majority of associates to be cross trained in all areas of the plant.

4. Do you have reliable transportation to and from our Fremont, CA facility at all hours? *

5. If selected, can you provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States? *

6. What are your minimum annual salary expectations for a 40 hour work week? *
  less than $38,000
  $38,001 - $47,000
  $47,001 - $56,000
  $56,001 - $65,000
  $65,001 - $74,000
  more than $74,000

7. How did you find out about this job opportunity? *
  Educational Institution
  Newspaper Ad / poster / Flyer
  Other Internet Job Board
  State or Local Unemployment Agency

8. If applicable, please expand on your answer to the above questions *
(i.e. which newspaper, person, or other source directed you to this job opening). If not applicable, please indicate "N/A"